What is the Case Method

  • Rather than lecture, our professors engage students in lively discussions using the case study method. Over the course of the MBA program, you will study more than 500 real-life business cases. Each case presents a set of decisions to be made, and you — as the decision-maker — must analyze the situation and express what you would do.

    Under the skillful direction of a faculty member, you will strengthen your communication and leadership skills by learning to make difficult decisions with limited information. You will learn to persuade and inspire others, reconcile differing viewpoints, prioritize objectives and capitalize on opportunities.

    Four-Step Learning Process

    Darden’s case study method is based on a four-step learning process, which allows for complete understanding and integration of the materials.

    1. Read and consider each case on your own. You must identify problems, define alternatives, analyze data, make decisions and outline a course of action.
    2. Share your ideas with your learning team and resolve areas of uncertainty.
    3. Discuss the case in class and explore the input of everyone in your section.
    4. Reflect on how your initial ideas changed as a result of the input from your learning team, section and faculty.