• Darden has taken students all over the world through its Global Immersion Course program. Locations are selected based on relevance, topicality, and current political conditions. Although not being offered this year, faculty-led trips to the following countries have been options in recent years.

    Belgium & Netherlands

    The European Economy

    Faculty Leader: Scott Beardsley

    Academic Program

    When viewed as a single economy, the European Union is consistently the largest or second-largest in the world. Students developed a deeper understanding of Belgium, the Netherlands and Europe as business environments, as markets and as the base for firms that are leading global industries.

    Costa Rica

    Beyond Just Ecotourism: Indigenous People, Immigration, Education and Commerce

    Faculty Lead: Melissa Thomas Hunt

    Academic Program

    In the Costa Rica course, students learned how businesses, organizations and individual entrepreneurs operate in a global arena. From sustainable farms, to multinational corporations, to expat entrepreneurs, to local business schools, students visited a wide range of players in the Costa Rican economy.


    Global Leadership Development: Doing Business in Cairo

    Faculty Leader: Andy Wicks

    Academic Program

    Participants in this course spent the majority of their time in Cairo, visiting with local business leaders arranged by Moustapha Sarhank, and viewing many of the most prominent cultural attractions - including the Great Pyramids. The program focused on careful preparation for the visit, including time at Darden with Moustapha Sarhank and Andy Wicks, several days of business visits, interaction at a local business school - including meeting with MBA's and faculty, and extensive visits to cultural and historical sites.

    This course was a great opportunity for the students to develop their abilities as leaders in a global business environment. Egypt and Cairo in particular, pose some interesting challenges for students in terms of what it means to take their technical skills and adapt them to a different culture and context to understand what it means to lead and succeed. The final segment of the course was a trip to Luxor to see the treasures of Ancient Egypt. For students who wished to extend their stay, there was an option to continue on to Sharm el Sheik before returning to the US.


    Doing Business in India

    Faculty Leader: Martin Davidson

    Academic Program

    The India course is designed so that students have the unique opportunity to experience India’s path to becoming a world economic power. During the program, the participants will meet with leaders in India – Business and Political, engage with peers – students and young entrepreneurs and explore the local culture – both old and new.

    The nine days in India will be spent visiting Delhi and Mumbai. In between company visits in each city, there will be guided city tours and visits to cultural landmarks like the Taj Mahal

    Data Science & Technology

    Faculty Lead: Casey Lichtendahl

    Academic Program

    Students looked into the broad cultural and business drivers across the diverse and fascinating country of India with an eye to understanding how information science plays a role in this developing nation and how it impacts commerce across the globe. Students developed an understanding of how and why India became a hub for information technology, outsourcing, and its role in continued innovation in digital business alongside challenges facing Indian firms and executives today. Students also learned about innovation and entrepreneurship in the fields of IT using experiential learning, company visits, and meetings with top business leaders.


    Mexican Tourism; A Worldwide Concept

    Host Institution

    Instituto Panamericano de Alta Direccion de Empresa — IPADE

    Academic Program

    The objective of this course was to give Darden MBA Students the opportunity to experience the Mexican Tourism Business Sector and to explore issues that affect the tourism industry worldwide. The Tourism industry is the largest and fastest-growing industry in the world, and Mexico has a strong reputation in the industry due to its being the 8th most visited country in the world. Mexico is a traveller's paradise, crammed with a multitude of opposing identities and tourist destinations: desert landscapes, snow-capped volcanoes, ancient ruins, teeming industrialized cities, time-warped colonial towns, glitzy resorts, deserted beaches and a renowned collection of flora and fauna.


    Adapting Products, Services and Business Models to an Emerging Market

    The Russian economy is an excellent example of an emergent market with local and international companies working in cooperation. Students explored the Russian financial and investment processes, production systems and their impact on production capacity, human resources and talent acquisition processes, the role of natural resources in economic growth, and infrastructure projects. Students also discussed how adapting innovative technologies boosts economy growth.